Monthly Archives: July 2013

19th July Mark Forrest Show

Summer highlights and the Island Games

After hearing some lovely summery pieces from the BBC’s local radio stations, Mark asked, “What will be the highlight of your Summer?” We heard from 5-year-old Bethany who was looking forward to a baby brother. Plus we heard live from Bermuda as representatives from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight took part in the “Island Games.” We played our special live BBC Introducing track form last night featuring the Grimsby band, The Life and Times of the Brothers Hogg and we heard from Iraqi singer-songwriter based in London Zena Kitt. You can listen back till 26th July here


18th July Mark Forrest show

BBC Introducing special

Regular listeners know that we play two tracks from BBC Introducing every night. On tonight’s show we had a first and got one of our favourite bands to play us some live tracks. Grimsby-based blues band the Life and Times of the Brothers Hogg came live from Hull specially for the show. You can listen back here.

17th July Mark Forrest show

Volunteers and imaginary friends

Park-goers in York are being asked to volunteer to maintain their green spaces – to help save the council money. Meanwhile Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb has called on Neighbourhood Watch groups to ease the pressure on care services by washing and feeding elderly neighbours. In these straightened times, Mark asked, “Are you prepared to volunteer?” Plus after hearing about a 9 year old girl who has dreamed up a pop star, Mark wanted to know, “Who is your imaginary friend?” BBC Introducing came from Kent-based indie band Stray Dogs and another play for James Bay from Hertfordshire- a favourite from last week. You can listen back until 24th July here.

16th July Mark Forrest show

Blue Badges and Poets

After big changes to parking for disabled car users last year, Mark asked, “Do you think the Blue Badge system is working?” Lots of audience response including a text from a man who “buys his badge on the internet.” Plus we heard from Samuel Coleridge’s cottage in Somerset which led Mark to want to know, “Which poet has made a mark where you are?” BBC Introducing came from Grimsby blues band, “The Life and Times of the Brothers Hogg” and we heard a beautiful RnB track from Nottingham singer Rebecca King. You can listen back till 23rd July here.

15th July Mark Forrest Show

Housing crisis and when children have something to tell you

After reports that rents are as high as mortgages in half the country, Mark asked, “How easy is it to get on the housing ladder where you are?” Plus after hearing about the 16 year-old boy who went to his school prom dressed in a dress, Mark asked, “When has your child said, “Mum/dad, I’ve got something to tell you?”” BBC Introducing came from Brighton-based indie-pop band Daniels and the Scandals – and Rainmaker, a duo from Grimsby. You can listen again until the 24th July here.

12th July Mark Forrest Show

BBQs and babies with Georgey Spanswick

Mark was off, so Georgey looked after the show. On a hot Friday night with a beautiful weekend in store, she asked, “What are your tips for a brilliant Barbecue?” Sea bass, spatchcock chicken and plenty of rioja fought it out for our best suggestion. Plus as the world waits for a new Royal arrival, Georgey wanted to know, “How has a baby changed your life?” BBC Introducing tracks came from Hull singer Emma Fee and Sussex funk artist Cardie. You can listen back until 19th July here

11th July Mark Forrest Show

Addicts and married parents

After Paul Gascoigne appeared on the front pages seemingly failing to conquer his alcoholism, Mark asked, “How do you help an addict?” Plus with research showing that more and more children are born out of wedlock, Mark wanted to know, “Are married parents better parents?” BBC Introducing came from Shrewsbury’s Albert Jones and Midnight Feast from Cambridge. You can listen back to the show until 18th July here.

10th July Mark Forrest Show

Anti-depressants and great inventions

After hearing from Somerset where the number of prescriptions for anti-depressants has gone up by a third, Mark asked, “Are anti-depressants a doctor’s cop out?” Plus as a man in Bristol says he is the real inventor of the computer mouse, Mark wanted to know, “Which invention are you most grateful for.” We heard a very good argument for the humble sandwich. BBC Introducing came from Cumbrian band The Orchid Hunters – and Lincoln sibling duo Starar. You can listen back till 17th July here.

9th July Mark Forrest Show

Police and tripe

After the latest revelations about the Stephen Lawrence case, unnecessary stop and search and a minister’s call for the police to be more polite, Mark asked, “Are the police on your side?” Plus after an item about tripe, Mark wanted to know, “What do you like that makes other people go ‘yuk!'” Broccoli stems, carrots with chocolate minstrels, and red pepper and cashew nut omelettes all got a mention. BBC Introducing came from Hertfordshire singer James Bay and Norwich singer Katie Myers. You can listen back till 16th July here.

8th July Mark Forrest Show

School days memories and Andy Murray

As a new curriculum for schools is announced, Mark asked, “What has stuck in your brain from school?” Maths mnemonics, snatches of Shakespeare and school mottoes all came back to us. Plus as Andy Murray continues a remarkable run of British sporting success, Mark wanted to know, “Can we still say, it’s the taking part that counts?” BBC Introducing came from West Yorkshire indie band Drive By Night and young singer songwriter James Bay from Hitchin, Hertfordshire. You can listen back till the 15th July here.