Monthly Archives: June 2013

27th June Mark Forrest Show

Emotional care in the NHS and stars behind the scenes

After BBC local radio’s research showed the decline of chaplains in England’s hospitals, Mark asked, “Should the NHS provide emotional care?” Some great callers wrestled with the problem of making sure parents got support despite budgets being cut. We heard about a new book that delved into football’s boot rooms to find the characters who make the game what it is. This led Mark to ask, “When have you been a star behind the scenes?” We heard from the man who did the photos for Def Leppard’s first album and someone who changed Carol Smiley’s wheel after a puncture. BBC Introducing tracks came from West Midlands band New Killer Shoes and Manchester singer Jake Mattison. You can listen back until 4th July here.

26th June Mark Forrest Show

War veterans and non-famous famous people

After two stories about World War 2 veterans denied medals, Mark asked, “Are we treating our war veterans properly?” Plus after Radio Cambridgeshire tracked down some Rolling Stone namesakes we asked which non-famous famous people you knew. We heard about Michael and Janet Jackson, Paul Rodgers, Roger Moore, James Bond, Emma Thompson, Bruce Willis, Phil Collins, Stephen Gerrard, Harold Wilson, Elizabeth Windsor and two Mark Forrests. BBC Introducing came from  London pop duo She Adores and singer/songwriter My Northern Sky from Reading. You can listen back until the 3rd July here.


25th June Mark Forrest Show

Your future health and the oldest person in your life


With medicine developing quickly and tests coming out to find out who is at risk of disease, Mark asked, “Would you want to know if you were going to get a life-changing illness?” We had some fascinating calls from people making some very hard decisions about testing and treatment. After hearing about the last surviving surgeon from the D-Day landings – he’s a hundred-years-old and lives on a high-fat diet and fly-fishing, Mark asked, “Who is the oldest person in your life?” We heard from Christine’s 93-year old friend who does his own cooking, gardening and washing, drives a car, keeps up with fashion and was seen chopping down a tree the other week.  BBC Introducing tracks came from Redditch based two-piece ‘Racing’ and the singer/songwriter Ellie Ford from Brighton. You can listen back until 2nd July here.

24th June Mark Forrest Show

Air pollution and your own personal servant

After the North Circular was declared the most polluted road in London and Bristol has started having “car free days” to reduce emissions, Mark asked, “What’s the solution to air pollution?” We heard a whole range of options including extra MOT checks and taxes on people with big families. After the launch in Jersey of a new “hangover service” to help people with their difficult mornings, Mark wanted to know, “What would your personal servant do for you?” BBC Introducing came from Southampton band Long Summer and singer Lewis Watson from Oxford. You can listen back until 30th June here.

21st June Mark Forrest Show

Closing churches and Summer solstice fun

The Church of England in Norfolk has overspent by 2 million pounds over the past four years. They are looking for ways of getting more money from their parishes. But with dwindling congregations and increasing repair bills, Mark asked, “Why don’t we just close some churches?” Plus on midsummer night, Mark asked, “How are you spending the longest evening of the year?” BBC Introducing tracks came from Cardboard Indians from Sheffield and Olivia Jayne Newton from Selby. You can listen back here until 28th June.



20th June Mark Forrest Show

Letting teachers teach and short people

After more recommendations from the head of Ofsted, Mark asked if teachers needed to be allowed to get on with teaching without interference. We also looked at a survey that showed that many women only want to date men over 6 feet; Mark wanted to know if short people have drawn the short straw. BBC Introducing tracks came from Archie Smith in Guildford, and AuraliaSky from Milton Keynes. You can listen back till the 27th June here.

19th June Mark Forrest Show

Police horses and seagulls

An animal theme tonight: we looked at the phasing out of police horses. There was an overwhelming opposition to forces saving money by getting rid of mounted units, even if it does save money. We also talked about whether seagulls need to be culled after a plan to get rid of herring gulls in Carlisle. BBC Introducing tracks came from Adam Guest from Barnsley, and Emily Baker from Brighton. You can listen back till the 26th June here.


18th June Mark Forrest Show

An end to free museums?

After news that three big Northern museums have avoided being closed, Mark asked, “With money so tight, why are museums still free?” We also had some new ideas for transforming our high streets and discussed the demise of the hat. BBC Introducing tracks came from The Jar Family from Hartlepool and Jordan Bethany from Derbyshire. You can listen back until the 25th June here.

17th June  Mark Forrest Show

Rural crime and your area’s claim to fame

There seems to have been a spike in tractor theft which led Mark to hearing some eye-opening stories about rural crime from across the country. Some have lost many  thousands of pounds of equipment and one man told us how his tractors had been found in Northern Cyprus but he couldn’t get them back. The Ordnance Survey’s latest research shows that the geographic centre of England is not where it is often thought to be in Meriden, Warwickshire but in Leicestershire. Mark asked, “What’s the strangest claim to fame where you live?” We heard from the man who lives in Hyacinth Bucket’s house and the Lincolnshire woman with a tree in her field with a 12 metre girth. BBC Introducing tracks were from multi-instrumentalist, Sylvia Faye who is from Leicester and the Reading-based singer/songwriter known as My Northern Sky. You can listen back here until 24th June here:  Mark Forrest 17th June

14th June Mark Forrest Show

Is Father’s Day a commercial con?

As we geared up to dads’ special day of the year, Mark debated whether Father’s Day means anything. Mark also asked how in this internet banking age we teach children the value of money and we heard about your canal boat adventures and misadventures. BBC Introducing tracks came from Shrewsbury-based band “The Rain Breakers” and the folk duo from York, “Union Jill.” You can listen back till the 21st June here: Mark Forrest show 14th June