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30 May Mark Forrest Show

Evacuees with Georgey Spanswick

A fascinating story from an evacuee who left Guernsey to live in Manchester and ended up making their life there led to lots of great listener tales about their experiences in World War 2. We also discussed the future of newsagents after one chain said it was changing some of its traditional shops into convenience stores to compete with the supermarkets. BBC Introducing was from Guernsey duo The ID Shade – and we heard again from Bromsgrove singer Ben Stanchcombe. You can listen back till the 7th June here: Mark Forrest 30th May



29 May Mark Forrest Show

Children who’ve saved the day with Georgey Spanswick

A four year old who had made a live saving 999 inspired our listeners to tell us some lovely tales including one about  the daughter who helped deliver her baby sister. A piece about “slut sites” on the internet led us to discuss how we beat the bullies and after complaints about the way newly-renovated Reading Station is being brought down by its scruffy surrounds we heard from listeners about what would get us to visit their station. BBC Introducing tracks from Shaun and the Tides and singer songwriter Bruce Neil. You can listen back to the show until 5th June here: Georgey Spanswick 29th May

28 May Mark Forrest Show

Payday Loans with Georgey Spanswick

Georgey asked, “Is it time to ban payday loans?” We heard from the industry spokesman and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, plus callers with terrible money problems and others who felt that borrowers should take responsibility for their own debts. Plus we discussed whether TV pokes fun at poor people and visited the actual hill in the Jack and Jill story. BBC introducing tracks came from Worcestershire-based New Killer Shows and Dan Fable from Stockport. You can listen to the show till the 4th June here: Mark Forrest 28th May

27 May Mark Forrest Show

Bank Holiday with Georgey Spanswick

Georgey sat in for Mark. We heard about the historical origins of our bank holidays and what you had done with your extra day off; you told us some of the things people don’t know about you and on the 30th anniversary of the first “Now that’s what I call music” album, we asked what would we should put on the Mark Forrest mix tape. You can listen back until 3rd June here Georgey Spanswick 27th May.


Rajar News: Strong Start for Mark Forrest Show

The first official audience figures for the new Mark Forrest show give the programme a weekly reach of 1.6 million. Matthew says, ‘What a great start for the show. It’s early days, but to know that so many people are tuning to their local BBC station to hear Mark every week is a real vote of confidence in him and the team. Thanks for listening – and for taking part.”

Here is how  Media UK reported the news.

23 May Mark Forrest Show

Buy British, swimming lessons and zebras

We asked, “Are you a traitor if you don’t buy British?” following a piece from BBC Radio Leeds which tested locals about their knowledge of the origins of the things in their shopping bags. We also talked about whether parents or schools should be paying for swimming lessons after learning that more than half of children aged 7 to 11 can’t swim a length. Plus we found out about unusual pets after we heard from a woman in Lincolnshire who owns a young zebra. BBC Introducing tracks  from a Worcester band called Woodfield and West Midlands singer Ben Stancombe. You can listen back here: Mark Forrest 23rd May

17 May Mark Forrest Show

Golden Age of Steam

On the Mark Forrest Show tonight…

It’s the 75th anniversary of Mallard setting the world speed record for a steam locomotive. The search is on to find drivers and fireman who worked on the loco ahead of a big party later this year. We’ll hear from the National Railway Museum, and play an archive interview with the driver at the controls when the record was set. Were YOU involved in the golden age of steam?

15 May Mark Forrest Show

By the Rivers

We played them on the show last week and enjoyed them so much we thought we’d have another listen!

Leicester reggae band By The Rivers with Run Home – courtesy of BBC Introducing.